Next show: 7th - 8th April 2018, The Grammar School at Leeds

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Meet the Team

We're a family run show with three organisers - Natasha, her husband Nick, and Nick's cousin Dave. We've all known each other for donkey's years and we all work brilliantly together. We're all determined to make this a fantastic show for visitors and exhibitors, and to make it an annual event (hopefully getting bigger and better!).


Natasha's love of wool began when she started spinning. That led her into hand-dyeing which became such a passion that she gave up her job in IT to set up Sheep On Mars. As well as spending most days dyeing yarn and sheep locks, she also finds time to use her dyed locks in her felted products such as shawls and hats. Natasha's dream has been to run a wool show which not only has loads of great stalls but also has plenty of workshops, demonstrations and other activities to help inspire people to learn new skills.


Dave has over 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising, and has helped to organise many successful shows across the north of England. This experience has been invaluable to the successful setting up of Spring Into Wool, particularly in getting such a great venue and in making our potential visitors aware of the show. In his spare time, Dave is a DJ on community radio stations and has a secret ambition to be the next Terry Wogan! So how can we afford such an experienced guy? ... Easy, he's Nick's cousin and is doing it for a fraction of his normal fees!


When he's not doing his day job in artificial intelligence, Nick supports his wife Natasha in the running of Sheep On Mars. He's by her side when they go selling at wool festivals around the country and is often driving up narrow tracks in the countryside trying to find farms where they buy beautiful fleeces straight from the sheep's back! Nick is involved in most aspects of Spring Into Wool, especially making arrangements with our wonderful exhibitors and creating the website.

Helpers on the day

Natasha, Dave and Nick will all be there on the day to ensure the smooth running of the event. Most of their nearest and dearest will also be there to help out. There'll be Dave's son Josh, Dave's other son Adam and his girlfriend Hannah, Nick's mum Joyce, and Natasha and Nick's daughter Margarita. So this will truly be a family-run affair!

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