Next show: 7th - 8th April 2018, The Grammar School at Leeds

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News to April 2017

Here are the main things that were happening as we got everything in place for our show on 8th April 2017. The later events are at the top of the list.

2nd Apr 2017 - Free knitting patterns!

A last minute addition to our show is a wonderful company called Knitting by Post who will be bringing hundreds of knitting patterns to give away free of charge! How great is that! Knitting by Post specialise in designing and selling knitting patterns for children's toys, and have some of the cutest knitted toys we've ever seen! Please click here if you'd like to visit their website.

14th Mar 2017 - Top photographer at the show

We're delighted to say that top London-based photographer Sergey Stefanovich will be our official show photographer. Not only is Sergey a great photographer he's also a video maker and runs The Knitting World channel on YouTube. Sergey will be taking pictures of the show as well as individual shots of products for some of our wonderful exhibitors. To see some of Sergey's amazing work please click here.

7th Mar 2017 - Free Knitting magazines!

Visitors to Spring Into Wool have a great chance to grab a free back issue of Knitting magazine. We have 350 of these to give away so hopefully you'll be lucky enough to get one before they're all gone! This is a special promotion by Knitting magazine so we hope you like what you see and are encouraged to buy Knitting in the future. Please click here for more information about Knitting magazine.

23rd Feb 2017 - Workshops getting booked

With over 6 weeks to go before the show, we already have workshops that are fully booked. If you had your eye on Silvia Sapsford's needle felting workshop or Lynda Kinnard's spring wreath workshop then I'm afraid you're out of luck because both are now fully booked. But places are still available on some other excellent workshops so please don't delay and visit our Workshops page.

20th Feb 2017 - Inside Magazines

We're happy to say that we have Spring Into Wool adverts and news features in the March issues of some really great magazines. These include adverts and features in Let's Knit, The Knitter and Inside Crochet. We also have news features in several more including Knitting and the new British Fibre Art Magazine.

14th Feb 2017 - Now that's what I call a great 60!

After some re-arrangement of the stall plan, we've managed to add places for an extra two exhibitors. Which takes our total to 60! And we're very happy that the last spots went to two excellent companies - Watercolours and Lace (based in Norwich) and Sidecar Knits (based in York). Two great additions to our impressive line-up!

6th Feb 2017 - Tickets now on sale!

Tickets are now available for purchase before the event. By having tickets in advance, visitors can avoid any queues to buy tickets on the door, have guaranteed entry into the show, and can take advantage of the free shuttle service to/from the local bus stop. There are several ways to pay and the tickets are emailed as e-tickets.

26th Jan 2017 - Wonderfully Woolly Workshops

We've got some brilliant workshops happening at Spring Into Wool, covering lots of woolly arts and crafts, including dry felting, wet felting, knitting, crochet and spinning. Bookings are now being taken for the workshops. And to spread the word about them we have a special workshops page on Leeds Inspired, and the workshops are also on

17th Jan 2017 - Advert in The Knitter

We're happy to say that we've just booked a half-page advert in The Knitter magazine which will be coming out at the end of February. We're also happy to say that 4 of our exhibitors will be featured in the advert. These are Wooltops, lovespoolyarns, Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop and Home Farm Wensleydales. The publishers of The Knitter also run The Yarn Loop website which will soon be featuring a competition where you can win free tickets to Spring Into Wool.

10th Jan 2017 - Last stall is booked

We've now booked our very last stall which takes the total number of exhibitors to 58. And we're happy to say the last stall went to Low Lands Legacy, who are coming all the way from Holland for our show! At the start of our planning (in early November), we never imagined we'd sell the stalls so quickly and easily, nor that we'd get such a fantastic set of exhibitors! It's a great indication that people believe in the show and think it'll be a great experience for everyone who comes.

27th Dec 2016 - Guilds and associations

We really wanted to involve some guilds and associations in our show, and we're happy to say that four have already agreed to have stalls. They're the Guild of Handweavers, Spinners & Dyers, the Knitting and Crochet Guild, The Guild of Machine Knitters, and the WI. So please pop along, say hello, and see how they can help you.

14th Dec 2016 - More room at the venue

Due to an overwhelming demand for companies wanting stalls, we've re-negotiated our deal with the Grammar School to have an additional large space. We'll be using the space for the main entrance, for workshops, and for guilds and other associations.

6th Dec 2016 - From far and wide

We now have an amazing set of companies coming from all over England to sell at Spring Into Wool. As well as plenty from Yorkshire, there's companies coming from Lancashire, Cumbria, County Durham, Cleveland, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and London!

29th Nov 2016 - Online listings start to grow

We're starting to get Spring Into Wool on all the most relevant online events listing sites. We now have it on Leeds Inspired (the main What's On guide for Leeds), the 2017 events calendars of Woolsack and The Guild of Machine Knitters, and our Ravelry advert will go live this week.

28th Nov 2016 - Flyers are flying

We're pleased to say that 1,000 leaflets for Spring Into Wool were handed to lovers of knitting and other woolly crafts at a recent big event. There was lots of great feedback from people and many said they'd be putting it on their 2017 calendars! Thousands more leaflets are about to be printed so we can spread the word to everyone who might be interested.

22nd Nov 2016 - Website is launched

Our Spring Into Wool website launched today which marks the official opening of the application process for exhibitors. And happily, the first completed application forms began to come in! The website will be updated on a regular basis, especially the Exhibitors, Workshops and News pages.

17th Nov 2016 - A brilliant venue is booked

We investigated many venues in and around Leeds, and without doubt our first choice was The Grammar School at Leeds. We were so impressed when we visited it, and feel so lucky that it was free when we wanted it and at a price we could afford! There's also room to expand in future years if we go on to create a bigger and better show.

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